Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Follow Up: Belief

It's happened again.  I think about something, and next thing I know I see an example of it somewhere else.  This is a follow up to the previous blog about belief.  This morning on Stephen Colbert (we watch a tape from the night before), Colbert interviewed an author (name slips my mind) who wrote a book called The Believing Brain.  The author contends that each of us develops a belief system, then  looks around for corroboration.  Since many things are beyond proof--ie., religion--we see the truth we want to see.  Science is the only way to see things clearly.  As they say, you can't argue with facts.  There's no such thing as a scientific fundamentalist.  No one today could get away with saying Copernicus was right about the cosmos.  We should not be dismayed when "truth" gets shoved aside by fact.  Just as no one can prove that one religion is right, no one can prove that gravity is wrong.

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